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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gizmo Week :)

This week was all bout exporing our new Cannon A540 and setting our hand on it. Taani is the model and was captured from every noook'nkorner of the house. We made same cool videos of her making the first few crawling attempts. The week began with a holiday on Monday. Happie Dushera! Nanna, Nanni were here and we had a gala time together. Here is one of the first snaps of our new cam:

Sunday, September 24, 2006

An eventful Sunday..

It started with the excitement of meeting Mon n Dad after nearly 4 months, so Taani was dressed up, the morning chores were quickly done away with, and off we were to Bhai's place.And as as expected Nanna n Naani were hanging from the balcony to catch a glimpse of the day's Hero..:) But it turned out that Our Hero hadn't rehearsed well, and wasnt really prepared to face the new crowd...Well doctors call it the 'Stranger anxiety'. But anybody to witness it would call it much more than humble 'anxiety'. To put it straight Taani used to shriek everytime she caught a glimpse of her Nanna or Nanni who didnt know where to hide...
and off her alarm went each time her radar caught their image. Well this went out till lunch and even after that...till we decided that it was time to go home.
and then a miracle of sorts happened when Nannu actually managed to put our Hero to sleep. Was Taani soo sleepy or was it Nannu's expertise in putting babies to sleep? well that is still a mystery.

And then we were back home, still anxious about what was to happen next.
At least I was, as daddy dearest doze off in deep slumber, only to be woken occasionaly by Taani's fists n punches or perhaps her squeals in an effort to wake 'Pay-pay' as she fondly calls him. (everybody infact..):)
Thankfully Taani was happy back home, enjoying her toys, her bed, and herself...
It started raining heavely, and what better way to enjoy rain at home than having a piping HOTt, BIG mug of tea..but Taani needs to participate too, so we gave her a small piece of Marie biscuit dipped in tea and Boy! how she loved it...well the nibble soon turned out to be the entirrree biscuit. It was fun watching her relish the bikky :P.

Then it was fun time, so Nandu picked up his guitar and then started a wonderful evening. He played out some old numbers and crooned along, making it a delectable evening..:)) and the girls of course danced to the tunes..:) Taani enjoyed her Dad's musical talent and moved to the music in my arms, giggling as we circled around.That moment was truly special..

And then came the funny part, when Taani learnt on her own the art of clearing her nose, making a grunting sound a sort of snort and loved the discovery , rendering oodles of laughter ..well you have to hear it to know how infectious it is..

So thats how the day went...a day of exitement, tears, play, smile, music, dance, laughter, giggling and discovering how to snort and tasting the first biscuit.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The first smile :)

This is one of my favourites. Taani was just a few days old. One of those times when babies smile mostly to themselves, and fool their beholders into thinking that they are enjoying their company. Posted by Picasa

Getting started ...

So here I am, caught in the blogging web...something I wanted to start for quite sometime...
Lets see how it goes ... :)